CPlotPro is a script breakdown program for costumers working in film and television.

Available for Mac and PC, it runs on Macintosh 10.11 through 10.13 and Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.

The program comes with a 63 page manual explaining the details of using the software.

The process of “breaking down” is done to evaluate the costume needs for the show.

Here is how it would happen using the program:

  • As you enter Scenes in the Scene Entry layout, you can create Characters and ¬†Background that will show on the Characters and Background layouts. Also, the shooting schedule information can be entered on the Scene Entry or later on the Shooting Schedule layout.
  • Each character’s scene is assigned a change number (indicating the costume change number) for each scene.
  • Once all the scenes have been entered, each character’s scenes can be viewed individually and adjustments made in the Characters layout in expanded view.
  • The Background and Character Changes elements are derived from this entry process.
  • The Shooting Schedule and Budget access this information to use in their file functions.
  • Cast Sizes operates independently of the other files.