CPlotPro is costume breakdown software for film costumers.

CPlotPro is a database program built in Filemaker Pro for storing the information necessary for prepping, running, and budgeting a costume department for a film or television series. Information is entered and edited into fields on an entry layout suitable for viewing on a computer screen and is printed on pre-formated reports suitable for printing.

Demo versions of the software are available. These are time locked versions (5 days) of the software that will work exactly as a purchased version, except for import and export functions. Once purchase is made and the registration completed, the data entered into the demo will still be available.

Click here for download instructions OSX version.

Click here for download instructions PC version.

The full version price is $325. The software is delivered by download. Within 24 hours after payment is made, an email with download instructions and an access code is sent.